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Prodigy Lending Company 

In our company, we have a qualified team which all its members are widely spread all over the United States. In fact, we are committed to offering top services on home loan services for your mortgage needs. Due to availability of very low rates on FHA home loans in Corpus Christi and many other programs, our outstanding team with highly experienced experts will work one on one with you to enable you to find the best choice on a mortgage loan which meets all your expectations. 

Whether you are buying a dream house, refinancing another home loan, buying your very first house or even consolidating debt, we have a team of loan officers who are well experienced. They will offer quality aid to obtaining a mortgage program which has low rates. 

Identify Your Best Home Loan for Your Home

Conforming Mortgage Loan 

  • It has lower PMI on comparing with Corpus Christi FHA loans 
  • Down payment – 3 percent 
  • It has very flexible mortgage terms – 30, 20, 15 or 10-year mortgages
  • No lender fee is usually required
  • Has low rates of interest with approved scores

FHA Mortgage Loan in Corpus Christi 

  • Down payment – 3.5 percent 
  • It is easier to get qualified 
  • Has attracted a rate of interest 
  • Has a higher debt to income ratio
  • Rehab loans are available as well

Veteran Mortgage Loan 

  • Funding of about 100 percent 
  • Requires no mortgage insurance 
  • Very low other expenses 
  • Has best rats for government-funded loan 
  • It is quite easy for you to get qualified

USDA Mortgage Loan 

  • Funding – 100 percent 
  • Must qualify for location and your income 
  • Lower home loan expense 
  • Interest rate is low for a loan funded about 100 %
  • A down payment is also very low 

Our Company’s Goal

We have an objective of creating a lasting relationship with almost every customer in Corpus Christi. This will definitely enable us to continue giving the best mortgage services in the region for many more years. 

To speak to a team member, you are advised to simply give a call or utilize interactive tools provided on the website. We look forward to partnering with you for the provision of the highest quality services. 

Prodigy’s Team 



For eight years, we have been proud of being known as the best workplace in the United States. 

Find Most Competitive rates on Corpus Christi FHA loans 

Currently, we are in possession of the cheapest loans. Our home loan center is giving several low-cost Corpus Christi Mortgage Loans which can be used for refinancing as well as buying a new property. 

Lastly, you are recommended to obtain a quick no-obligation quote by filling a short form. 

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