How Canada’s dealing with its own home affordability crisis

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Canada’s housing market flirts with disaster.. Canada is in the grip of a housing crisis more severe, by some measures,than anywhere else in the world. Household debt now amounts to more than.

 · Job creation has been concentrated in urban cores, and so has the affordability crisis – a phenomenon that’s increasingly pushed people to nest and grow their families in the suburbs. The disconnect between urban jobs and suburban residents will continue in 2019 and contribute to longer, more crowded commutes.

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The same type of debt blamed in the U.S. credit crisis could help Canada with housing risk Watch It’s going to be hard to own a home in Toronto if you are not part of the 10%: report

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Housing affordability in Canada’s most expensive market – Vancouver – is at ‘crisis levels,’ according to a new study, which says the re-acceleration of home prices, along with higher interes sport, showbiz, science ,health,fashion

Typical housing development is driven by short term profit thinking that has led to an affordability crisis, often creating units’, not homes, that lack innovation, imagination, livability, sustainability and quality. In Vancouver, housing is typically either low-rise or high-rise living with little in between.

The debt ‘crisis’ in Canada? If your paycheque is $100,000 plus, that means you Canadians’ relationship to debt has changed, with middle and upper tier earners awash in red ink.

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The U.S. Housing Affordability Crisis: How a Rent and Low-Income Problem is Becoming Everyone’s Problem By Svenja Gudell on Apr. 11, 2016 As of the end of 2015, Americans making the nation’s median annual income ($55,589) and looking to buy the typical American home (valued at $183,600 as of December) could expect to pay 15 percent of their.

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