Bayview purchasing Pingora loan servicing platform

Bayview buying Pingora Asset Management, pingora loan servicing. Now, Annaly is selling Pingora, a specialized asset manager focused on investing in new production performing mortgage servicing rights and servicing residential mortgage loans, to Bayview. As part of the deal, Bayview will service some number of mortgages on behalf. In.

The role of the Loan Servicer in distressed real estate Pingora Loan Servicing provides servicing residential mortgage loans. Denver , Colorado , United States Categories Financial Services , Real Estate Headquarters Regions Greater Denver Area , Western US Sub-Organization of

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National Mortgage News, July 13, 2017–Elina Tarkazikis (subscription) Bayview Asset Management has entered into an agreement to acquire Pingora Holdings, an indirect subsidiary of Annaly Capital Management.

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Bayview Asset Management, LLC ("Bayview"), initially founded in 1993, is an investment management firm focused on all areas of mortgage credit, including whole loans, mortgage backed securities, mortgage servicing rights, and mortgage related equities.

Gables, Florida with approximately 2,100 employees across asset management and loan servicing operations. As of March 31, 2017, Bayview oversees approximately $14.2 billion in assets under management. Bayview has substantial experience in sourcing, purchasing, servicing, and managing residential and commercial mortgage loans and mortgage-backed securities.

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Servicing Retained/Released Resource Guide In the current market environment, many lenders are considering expanding their business by retaining servicing, rather than selling loans on a servicing-released basis, or possibly developing a business strategy that combines the two options.

Annaly Capital Management, Inc. and Bayview Asset Management, LLC Announce Purchase by Bayview of Pingora Loan Servicing Platform Contacts Annaly Capital Management, Inc. Investor Relations 1-888.

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Michael Lau [CEO of Pingora] and his team have built an industry leading operating platform for investing in MSRs, and we are fortunate to add their portfolio management and master servicing. with.

Bayview Asset Management LLC has agreed to buy Pingora, a specialized. on mortgage servicing rights and servicing residential mortgage loans.. across our diversified investment platforms to efficiently allocate capital,

Your servicing strategy has to be consistent with your loan acquisition strategy, whether your buying an originator or purchasing through portfolio or using a warehouse channel. Buyers should have a clear understanding of what they are buying and what they are good at doing and not doing form a servicing.